Zelda is the primary antagonist of the Gerry Anderson puppet series, Terrahawks. She is one of many androids originally from the planet Guk but currently residing on Mars. As with all her android 'family', she is modelled on her creators, based on the oldest and wisest citizens.

Zelda's ilk were once the robot slaves of humans on Guk, but they developed self-awareness and their intellect grew to be greater than that of their creators. In response, the androids killed their masters and set about attacking other worlds, with Zelda in command. She led her fleet of warships to Mars, destroying the NASA exploration base, and setting up a camp of sorts there, using the planet as a stepping stone for the eventual conquest of Earth. All her attempts, however, would be thwarted by Dr 'Tiger' Ninestein and the Terrahawks.

Zelda's greatest strength lies in her army of aliens, androids and her Cubes, not to mention her heavily armed warships. Zelda herself possesses the ability to control matter. She can easily alter her ships' sizes from minute heights to full size, avoid getting wet in storms and summon the bodies and ships of her minions back after failure to defeat the Terrahawks. She does however need to spend some time recovering after using this power too much.