Zero and 18.

18, or Dix-Huit, as he prefers to be called, is a Zeroid from the Terrahawks, under the leadership of Sergeant Major Zero. 18 has the personality and accent of a stuck-up Frenchman, which Zero attributes to 18 adding garlic to his oil.[N 1] He has been on several missions with the Terrahawks, but is notably lazy and something of a complainer. One of the only ways to get 18 moving is for Zero to take a much firmer stance when giving him orders. To accentuate his 'nationality', 18 has gone so far as to equip himself with a stereotypical French curled moustache.


  1. On at least one occasion, this prompted Zero to advise two other Zeroids to always stay upwind of 18, who was not present at the time.