Zetca is a relatively minor character in IDW's Transformers comic book series. A former Autobot, Zetca was one of the many Cybertronians who had decided to abandon the war. He, like many others, spent time travelling the universe, making a living for themselves and trying to avoid the conflict between the Autobots and Decepticons, until the day that Vector Sigma sent out a message revealing that Cybertron had been brought back to "life". Returning to the planet, he was less than pleased with the condition it was in and was not happy to put up with the Autobots or Optimus Prime in particular. Metalhawk managed to calm him down slightly, pointing out that reacting violently to the situation would just lead to the same situation that led to the war four million years ago. In hopes of alleviating the situation, Optimus left the planet.

Horri-Bull and Needlenose, now acting as "enforcers" for the Autobots, got in a spat with Zetca. The small NAIL was overwhelmed by the Decepticons, but Bumblebee, after warning Horri-Bull, detonated the inhibitor/deterrence chip in the Decepticon's head after he refused to back off.