Spin Master - Zoom Pets - Interactive Dog - Zoomer Dalmation

Spin Master - Zoom Pets - Interactive Dog - Zoomer Dalmation

Zoomer (or Zoomer: Your Real Best Friend) is the robot dog created by Spinmaster.

Product Description

  • Meet Zoomer, your new real best friend who will bark, talk, scoot around, and play with you! Finally, a dog made just for kids!
  • Just like a real puppy, he loves to learn new tricks. Teach him to speak, sit, lay down, rollover, shake a paw and more!
  • Zoomer is so bright he understands your voice in English, Spanish and French.
  • Zoomer is made for children who can?t wait to adopt a real puppy ages 5+. Recharge Zoomer by using his included USB cable.
  • Includes: 1 Zoomer, 1 USB Charging Cable, 1 Instruction Guide, 1 Reference Guide
  • zoomer was made by the company called spinmaster

Training Zoomer

  • "Zoomer, Sit down."
  • "Zoomer, Play Dead."
  • "Zoomer, Let's Go For A Walk."
  • "Zoomer, Go Pee."
  • "Zoomer, Let's Play."
  • "Zoomer, Shake A Paw."
  • "Zoomer, Look At Me."
  • "Zoomer, I Love You."
  • "Zoomer, Roll Over."
  • "Zoomer, Protect Me."
  • "Zoomer, Casino Baby!"